Prepare for Your Golf Trip

Preparation is the key to a successful golfing trip, whether you choose to play a public or private course. Several factors must be considered if you wish to get the most from your trip. One of those factors is booking ahead of time. If you are a member of a club like London's Hendon Golf Club, then booking tee times might not be a major issue. However, you must still plan ahead for issues like hotel availability and expenses. If you are a member of a club you still need to call ahead if you plan to use the dining hall or other club hose amenities for larger groups of people.

A commonly overlooked issue is packing. People who travel to play golf often leave important items behind. As a result, they are forced to spend more money at the golf shop than they originally intended. It is important to make sure that all golf items are stored in a location where they can easily be retrieved when needed. Items such as tees, balls, divot tools, and score cards should have their own storage areas to aid organisation. Your golf game will go much more smoothly without the stress of having to locate missing items while in the middle of a round.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that the weather will be nice for their trip. Although most weather predictors are pretty accurate, you must always plan ahead for the elements. This is especially true for golf outings which occur between seasons. The transition from winter to spring is a tricky one. It might be nice and warm one day, but then the temperature plummets suddenly. It is a good idea to pack plenty of warm clothes, and then shed them as needed.

Rain gear is another part of the planning puzzle. During the summer months rain and storms come out of nowhere. Once the storm leaves you can continue your golf round, but not if you are not prepared with items to clean your gear. Clubs tend to to slip from the hands when wet, so drying towels should be a part of the packing procedure. Rain jackets and water proof pants are a great idea as well. Proper preparation ensures that everyone on the golf trip will walk away satisfied. Always plan for the unexpected so that your golf trip does not get cut short.