How to Play Hendon Golf Course

Hendon Golf Club is prestigious and well-respected by people from all over the UK. The course located there is designed to provide scenic beauty and challenging playing conditions throughout every hole. Golfers love a challenge, and Hendon is the place to go if you live near North London. Consider the fact that it is designed with the professional in mind, and it is easy to see why it is so popular. However, before you play the course, you need to understand some key aspects of it. Here are some tips for playing at Hendon Golf Club for the very first time.

The greens at Hendon Golf Club are challenging for a number of reasons. For one, they are smaller. There is little room for error on many holes, and accurate approach shots to the green provide advantages for more experienced golfers. However, approaching the greens is only half of the battle. If you want to be successful, then you need to read the greens correctly as well. Some greens feature tricky breaks. Their rolling nature requires you to adjust your putt speed in order to achieve a minimum of a 2-putt on most holes.

Trees line most of the fairways throughout the course. These trees include Cypresses, Silver Birches, Prunus, Poplars, Willows, English Oaks, and Hornbeams. Course management keeps the trees manicured, but they still remain a challenge for those who value accurate fairway shots. They also provide unparalleled beauty in comparison to other golf courses throughout the UK. If you do choose to become a member of Hendon Golf Club, make sure that you bring a camera to capture the lush view.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the course is that it provides an ensemble of unique holes to play. For example, the 2nd Par-4 is one of the most difficult on the course. It is a long hole for a Par-4, and it requires golfers to make a key decision once it is time to approach the green. There is a water crossing located on this hole, and it is located 11 yards from the green. If you hit it too long, you might see water. A cautious approach is advised for those who are unfamiliar with how to play the hole.

Bunker shots are another key aspect to consider. A quality bunker shot requires concentration and accuracy. If you find yourself in one, then you need to consider the weather conditions before you choose a wedge. After it rains, the sand plays much differently. The challenging greens can cause problems if you hit out of the bunker too far. Use these tips to gain an advantage over your playing partner, and you will impress yourself and others in the process.