Incorporate Corporate Golf

Business owners and heads of corporations understand that a fun golf outing is the perfect way to create quality business relationships. However, it is important to make sure that the golf course you choose is one that can cater to all of your needs. The idea is to impress potential business partners and clients, and Hendon Golf Club is the perfect choice to achieve this goal. Golf allows you to have time to get to know other professionals within a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone who attends a corporate golfing event should be treated professionally, and Hendon Golf Club is up to the task.

Corporate golf events are great when you have a way to relax after being on the course all day long. The club lounge and dining area should be equipped to provide comfort and relaxation. One of the reasons why the club lounge is so popular is that it provides a much more traditional feel. The dining area is professional and clean, and all of the staff are accommodating. Perhaps most importantly, the deck area provides a location for business partners to break away and relax with one another. It is well-built and it has plenty of seating for every golfer to sit down and enjoy the views.

Hendon Golf Club understands that corporate golf outings are about more than just golf. They are about improving business relationships in a different setting. This is the reason why the club allows you to use their audio and visual equipment. In essence, business men and women use this equipment to make presentations. Some oft he most lucrative business decisions have been made at golf clubs, and Hendon provides a great location for this to take place. White boards are provided so that groups can write down ideas, or create custom visuals of business plans.

Free wifi is provided as well. This is an incredibly useful feature because each attendee has the ability to use his or her own lap top to access key information. Imagine being able to play a spirited round of golf, and then being able to close on an important business deal via conference calls online. Additionally, this service is available in the centenary room. The centenary room is ideal for smaller meetings. It enables group members to interact in a much more intimate setting.

Corporate meetings would not be complete without food and drink. If you call ahead you can arrange for custom menus to be available. It is a good idea to find out what each attendee likes to eat before calling the Hendon staff. Those who hold corporate events at the club love the fact that they have access to fine dining and great drinks once it is time to relax for the night.